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pump technology for environmental and waste disposal industries

Conserve resources. Maximize efficiency. Digitize maintenance.

The Problem?

high wear and tear rates equal high follow-up costs.

Pumps are the centerpiece of every process plant. However, they often do not work satisfactorily due to incorrect design, incorrect applications or complex process requirements. In the environmental and waste disposal industry in particular, “sludge pumps” have to deal with extremely high levels of wear and tear from solids in the pumped medium.

Grass, stone and sand grains, silage or paper as part of the pumping media-
too much solid content brings pumps to the limits of what was previously possible.

EUR 1.000 worth damage

per day

arises when a process plant comes to a standstill, when pumps in use fail and have to be serviced.


short life-cycle

of spare parts quickly generates a total of follow-up costs that are higher than the acquisition costs of the pump.


are the result.

Plants are constantly being repaired – and not optimized. The constant need for repairs block otherwise available funds.


Design pump technology to conserve resources and set new standards

Let’s say goodbye to high wear and tear rates for sludge pumps! With patented technology, sustainability concepts and digitization, KD Pumpen extends the life cycle of pumps, conserves resources and makes process optimization possible with its own “Sludge Pumps” for the environmental industry. Saving resources is a top priority at KD Pumpen.

We want to make pump technology more efficient and durable. As a result, we are pushing the limits of what was previously technically possible wherever solid contents in the pumping media are part of everyday life and pose daily challenges for plant operators. We offer solutions for all aspects of “wear-intensive pumps” and arm pumps for heavy-duty applications in the industry.

specializing in sustainable and resource-saving pump technology

Innovative, pioneering and future-oriented based on patented pump technology

value customers users viewer

customized pump solutions at the highest level


wherever solid contents occur in pumping media

waste disposal and recycling

wasterwater treatment

biogas production


industrial processes

petrochemical sector


Resource Conservation made possible with patented Technology

increasing lifetime by 3 to 6 times

Technology developed by KD Pumpen offers various approaches to implement resource conservation in pumps for solids-laden pumping media. The focus is on our patented KD innovations. KD ROTOR, KD PROTECT and KD SEAL. By combining them, we are able to increase the lifetime by 3 up to 6 times for pumps and especially for costly spare parts. Also we are able to increase the efficiency of the pump up to 30 percent compared to current solutions available.

machine-learning based pump management

Constant repair and maintenance needs in plants not only bundle resources but also sudden and unexpected demands on a process plant. We combine our patented pump innovations with machine learning-based pump management. With our solution in the area of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, maintenance can be planned, malfunctions can be foreseen and cyclical optimizations in plant processes are possible. Previously needed resources can be released in this way.


patented shape
maximized efficiency

Our patented core technology is named KD ROTOR. Its stylish shape with helical twists and long sealing lines are engineered with highest accuracies for maximized efficiency and therefore an increased lifetime and reduced energy costs. The mathematically optimized shape allows for a maximized efficiency up to 30 percent and pulsation-free flow.

patented armor plate-concept
maximized lifetime

With a focus on wear optimization and service life optimization, KD Pumpen sets new standards. We combine innovative materials on the stators with rotors in a solid design. Striking edges complete the “all-round armoring” of the conveying chamber, from which solids slide off. A circular economy is possible for the first time for our coated components and can be implemented for the first time in pump technologies.

patented sealings
maximized protection

Without a functioning sealing, the failure of a pump is inevitable. We offer a wide range of self-developed sealings which guarantee maximum safety for the pumps used. The core of our know-how is our patented Seperator-technology, which protects the sealings from solid contents and thereby extends the lifetime of the pump.
300- 0 %
increase of Lifetime
up to 0 %
maximized efficiency

circular economy for the first time in pump production process

Undeniable benefits.



Substantial Cost Savings

Maximized efficiency in our pumps reduces energy costs by 30 percent. Increased lifetime of the pump equals 60% fewer spare parts.

Saving Resources

Spare parts wear out less quickly. They can then be processed and reused. Circular Economy can be implemented into production processes.

Optimization of Plant Processes

Digital pump management reduces the need for maintenance, provides data for a complete process optimization and automates operating processes.

Life-circle COSTS

Up to 45% savings potential
compared to related technology on the market

  • acquisition cost
  • maintenance cost
  • energy cost
  • savings potential
  • acquisition cost
  • maintenance cost
  • energy cost

Only 1 Year



KD Pumps with all our patented innovations. Increase of lifetime by 3 up to 6 times possible thanks to resource-saving KD ROTOR and KD PROTECT technology.


The standard version of KD Intelligence complements the basic pump. Plant optimization is possible for the first time on the basis of a condition monitoring system.

Premium Plus

The premium version of KD Intelligence complements the basic pump. Machine learning based predictive maintenance analysis and foresees maintenance needs. Processes can be automated.



Basic pump with on-demand service for spare parts during trial period


Spare parts with a discount including parts itself and maintenance service using subscription fee-models


Premium Plus pump with application-specified rotor optimization including analysis of data needed for plant optimization

Testing without any
additional costs

Outsourcing of
maintenance costs

maximized cashflow / output for complete plant system


Basis-Pumpe mit Beistellung aller benötigter Ersatzteile für Probe-Einsatzzeit

Testen ohne Mehrkosten


Ersatzteile-Pakete im Jahres-Abo mit Rabatt auf ET-Preise und Monatgeservice

Auslagern von Instandhaltungsaufwand


Premium Plus-Pumpe mit zyklischer Rotoranpassung sowie Datenauswertung für Anlagenoptmierung

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